Fields, meadows and gardens of the Egarterhof

Christian began early on to make improvements on the farm. Among other things he built a sprinkler and levelled the fields in order to make it more practical to load the hay.
A large part of the fields and meadows are being worked on with machines. A small slope is being harvested with a mower and a scythe. After that, diligent hands help to turn and bring in the feed with the rake. Two meadows are further away from the house, the “Sarner Pachtwiese” and the “Pfaffenwiese”, the heart of the farm. For the most part the fields are mowed three times. The first cut is the hay, the second cut is the aftermath and the third cut is the so called “Poufl”.

The farmer and his wife are gardeners who work on a piece of land, make it liveable, arrange it, plant, grow and take care of it.

Our animals on the farm

Today our domestic animals live in the old cowshed that used to hold eight head of cattle. Our rooster Friedolin crows very early and wakes the happy chickens who then sit down in their nests and lay fresh eggs. The cats wait impatiently for the fresh milk. In the summer they are lurking in the fields to catch a mouse. On our farm, our watchdog Rico is a must.
Our pigs are probably very spoiled when it comes to their feeding. They squeak loudly because they prefer to eat concentrated feed stuff instead of hay and leftovers from the house and farm.