South Tyrol - Places and encounters - a diverse land

Located South of the Alps, South Tyrol has a mild and sunny climate.- Sunny days all year long, cooling off in the fresher mountain regions, snow adventures on the mountain slopes and the eternal ice in the glaciers invite you to relax. Altogether South Tyrol consists of an area of 7399km² which makes it Italy`s biggest province. More than 60% of the area is located higher than 1500m above sea level and only 14% is below 1000m of altitude. The stunning panorama is made of Alps, Dolomites, mountain pastures and mountain lakes.

Three language groups in South Tyrol

The population of South Tyrol (503.434 inhabitants, as of 2009) is divided into three language groups: almost 70% belongs to the German group, roughly 25% to the Italian and just a little over 4% belongs to the Ladin group.


Romanic and German influences meet in South Tyrol. It is a place of old and rich culture. Around 800 palaces and castles, ecclesiastical celebrations and traditional customs are a clear confession to origin and homeland.

Sights in Bressanone

• Castle with diocese museum, crib museum, men's garden and millennium column
• Lawn and garden
• The cathedral
• The cloister is the most valuable treasure of art history in Bressanone
• The white tower is Bressanone’s landmark
• Parish Church of Saint Michael
• Stufels is the oldest part of town